Ferguson Grand Jury, the Leftist Media, the Rioting and Obama

The St. Louis County Grand Jury was convened to look into the matter of the shooting of “unarmed” 6″4″ 300lbs Michael Brown*  by police officer Darren Wilson. They evaluated eyewitness testimony and physical evidence and reached a conclusion that officer Wilson’s actions were in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern police response to felonious assault by Brown and clear threats to the officer’s safety.

The jury evaluated the conditions for indicting officer Wilson with one of five charges ranging from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder. They decided no action, no criminal charges were warranted.  From what we have seen now of the evidence, they reached the appropriate conclusion.  Justice was served.

Our illustrious senior editor has a notorious cast iron stomach for observation of “mainstream” news. His commentary about CNN’s treatment of the matter preceded this post. My own “mainstream media” experience was limited to the consumption of NBC’s Brian Williams’ Special Report around the 8PM hour announcing the St. Louis County Grand Jury’s decision.  It was jaw dropping in its overt bias. Williams’ first sentence was to say that the jury “failed” to indict officer Wilson.

That single word spoke volumes. Suggesting a prime time airing of an apology during the next showing of The Voice, the show interrupted for his  “report,”  given the chronic nature of his bias is useless. There is a malicious effect from Williams and his ilk.  Ted Baxter was a more responsible “broadcast journalist,” no more shallow or pompous.

Soon after Williams’ little bon mot of objective journalism my harmony in watching The Voice was further interrupted by the smarminess of our President Barack Obama who addressed the nation, in almost melancholy manor “urging” calm while he subtly justified the perp’s rioting to make their “point.”   There was no accompanying appropriate  demeanor to his words whatsoever.  I hope you won’t be destructive but I sure appreciate why you might want to.

The most complete, authentic  “word” to protestors written in a forceful way we have come across is this Matt Walsh article. Read the entire article, not just the excerpt we have set forth.  Walsh covers so much of what is pertinent to Ferguson and the race-baiters, anarchists and “community organizers”  fomenting what is happening there.

Hey Ferguson Protestors: Justice Has Been Done, But You Never Wanted Justice

That’s the truth. That’s the reality. It’s rock solid, folks. Plain as day. Michael Brown was not a civil rights hero; he was a belligerent and violent young man who lost his life because of his own actions. It is sad that he’s dead — and it’s his fault that he’s dead. He sought an altercation with a store clerk and then he sought an altercation with a cop. In the course of that second altercation, he tried to grab the officer’s gun. And now he’s dead. That’s what happens when you assault a cop and try to take his gun. You get shot. This is no great mystery. It’s no cause for rioting in the streets. It’s a case where A + B = C, and Michael Brown is fully responsible.

This decision is not what you wanted, I realize, but that’s only because you never wanted justice at all. You wanted a certain outcome, and you have demanded that outcome from the very beginning, before listening to the other side, before looking at the evidence, before hearing from all of the witnesses, before giving the dust a chance to settle. You came to a conclusion based on rumor and conjecture, and you have not strayed from that conclusion or adjusted it or even acknowledged that any other conclusions are possible. This, my fellow citizens, is not the behavior of people who want justice and fairness. This is the behavior of a lynch mob. This is the behavior of tyrants who are perfectly willing to send an innocent man to jail if it means winning some kind of bizarre ideological victory. This is behavior that ought to be exposed and shamed, in no uncertain terms.

R Mall

*  the constant attachment of the term “unarmed” to a hopped up thug who attacked a diminutive store clerk and an incumbered police officer wedged in a car is “curious.”

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