King Herod only slaughtered MALE innocents

Where’s the Papal “Righteous Outrage”? Has He Noticed the “Unfettered Abortionism”?

We at Veritaspac have often chided Pope Francis for his unscientific “scientific” stance on “climate change”. We’ve pointed out that his encyclical “Laudato Si” is informed exclusively by environmental radicals and political leftists. That fact is underscored by the documented exclusion from the debate of any climate or environmental experts who have a science-based point of view at odds with the Vatican’s.

We have also taken exception to the Pope’s outspoken criticism of capitalism and of America and other developed nations for what he seems to believe is their “exploitation” of third world countries and especially Latin American nations.

The Pope’s positions on “inequality”, excessive “consumerism”, and “irresponsible” use of earth’s resources have all seemed to fit very well with a global socialist/Marxist political view and they constantly find their way into Pope Francis’s conversation.

He warmly welcomed to the Vatican the Cuban dictator, Raul Castro The two reportedly got along quite well. The Pontiff welcomed Gustavo Gutierez, founder of the leftist religious-political movement known as “liberation theology”, which sprang into existence in Francis’ native Latin America during the early days of his ministry. He has led the Church’s process of canonization of Archbishop Oscar Lopez, the assassinated cleric of El Salvador and liberation theology activist. Liberation theology was condemned by previous Popes for its Marxist foundations but has found enthusiastic acceptance by this pope.

Pope Francis also seemed to “win the hearts” of socialists world-wide in his recent visit to Latin American countries where he appeared to happily collect Communist memorabilia from some of the region’s most oppressive governments. Francis termed a plaque with the crucifix embedded with the Communist hammer and sickle, designed by a late priest and advocate of liberation theology, as “protest art”. He also gratefully accepted a medallion emblazoned with the symbol of communism, an ideology which was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people in the last century.

While seeming to warmly endorse liberation theology, His Holiness has chided Catholic activists opposing abortion as “obsessive”.

And amid today’s many and serious threats to the Catholic Church and to humanity itself, Pope Francis chose to make his most important statement to date, his encyclical, “Laudato Si”, about, of all things, “climate change” and has in so doing aligned the church with advocates for “one world government”, the corrupt United Nations, and the statist goals of the Obama administration.

The Pope’s handlers have carefully sculpted an image of the former Cardinal Bergoglio as a man of great “humility”, a man of considerable “scientific expertise” and a champion of the poor and exploited, deeply concerned about the effects of “man-made global climate change” upon “Mother Earth” and the “poor”.

It is our contention at Veritaspac, that Pope Francis is not a man of science. Nothing in his background, other than the equivalent of a high school level trade school education, suggests that he is.

In the way Francis has developed his encyclical and the people he has enlisted to “advise” him on “climate science”, we are of the humble opinion that the Pontiff, himself, is not all that much a believer in the man-made climate change phenomenon. Rather, it appears to us that, as many effective left-wing politicians have done, Pope Francis has chosen to use it as the vehicle to advance his true agenda to address poverty by massive redistribution of wealth. To transfer the wealth of developed nations to undeveloped or lesser nations, in any way necessary and as coercively as necessary.

Pope Francis is deeply anti-American, an implacable foe of capitalism, which he seems to blame for all the world’s ills, and committed to most Marxist ideals as the means to bring about “social justice”, with “equality” for all.

The most recent developments here in America will be a strong indicator of just how much of Catholic doctrine, Pope Francis is willing to disregard, downplay, or trade-off to advance his “inequality/redistribution” agenda.

The Planned Parenthood ” scandal, “mega-scandal” we believe, will tell us much about this Pope. As noted earlier, he has “cautioned” the faithful to “not obsess about  gay marriage and abortion… which reflect two of Catholicism’s fundamental tenets.

No doubt, Francis’ supporters will discourage demands that he speak out now on the latest revelations of the Planned Parenthood’s ghastly practices in their abortion business. The Pontiff’s spokespeople, one could guess, will defend a likely “moderated” comment, if not total silence, on this matter because the Vatican “does not feel it appropriate to inject itself into the internal political” issues of sovereign nations.

We expect this kind of rhetoric to issue forth from Rome despite the fact that His Holiness has shown no such restraint in speaking out on a whole range of “political issues”, some internal to a single nation, others which encompass a broad spectrum of multi-national concern.

While it is true that his encyclical includes reference to the church’s views on abortion and gay marriage, they come across as obligatory and as only “passing remarks” so that Francis’s defenders can point to his “balance” in asserting the spiritual influence he brings to secular issues.

We feel justified, given the latest and ongoing revelations about Planned Parenthood USA, in asking Pope Francis, “where does he stand in regard to the killing of some 55 million of the most innocent human beings, aborted in the name of some sort of “social justice” by organizations, including most prominently one our government forces its citizens to support?  Is such a “climate” not urgently in need of change?

The Pope introduced his “climate change” encyclical with its lofty message, not just to the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, but to “all” people throughout the world. Given the practices of PP now revealed, and rivaling some of the worst atrocities committed by governments in the last century, why does Francis not call upon every Catholic, and every world leader to condemn this organization and these dreadful practices?!


And now, to briefly address a few other related items currently in the news (at least from some media sources):

1) Mike Huckabee has recently been criticized for his metaphorical reference to the Iran deal marching the nation of Israel to the “doors of the ovens”. Of course the left, and the “moderate” Republicans were quick to condemn his comment for likening Obama’s action to effectively arm Iran with nuclear weapons to Nazi Germany’s actions leading to the Holocaust.

Well let me enrage those good folks on the left even more. The appalling actions of Planned Parenthood, “offering their services”, the killing of unborn human beings to “alleviate the “punishment”, as our president described unintended or inconvenient pregnancy, and trafficking in their organs are so unconscionable, so ghastly, that one might reasonably wonder if even the Third Reich might find it troubling. Would King Herod plead that at least he slaughtered only the male “innocents”!

2) When the phony “scandal” erupted regarding Rush Limbaugh’s unflattering characterization of Sandra Fluke, major American corporations rushed to microphones to denounce Limbaugh, cancel their sponsorship of his show, and affirm their disgust with the GOP’s “war on women”. Even respected, iconic companies called press conferences to assure media that they were not sponsors of Rush’s show but if they were they’d cancel, too.

Let’s see where Corporate America stands on this issue! Will it approach the same level?

3) Geraldo Rivera chipped in on the Planned Parenthood controversy with his “unique” perspective: Wouldn’t it be a shame if the public’s revulsion toward Planned Parenthood’s grisly practices…“might put an end to the harvesting of what would be garbage” that “may” help contribute to a “cure for cancer” or “heart disease?” (No, we didn’t make this up.)

But, of course, all of this is just our opinion.                DLH

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