Cecil or Cecile, wimoweh,* or wombaway . . . what’s the difference?

Blood bond — Cecil the African lion and Cecile of Planned Parenthood?

Liberals (typically abortion supporters) in high dudgeon over Cecil’s “murder”, disregard his “murders”

Oh the convoluted ironies

America and much of the world has heard about Cecil, the grand lion, pride leader, who recently met his demise at the hands of an American dentist hunting in Zimbabwe. According to the Zimbabwe government , which strives to protect its interest in tourism regarding the animals, a sufficient population of the creatures exists  to issue permits at a hefty fee to allow them to be hunted outside of certain protected areas. Cecil may have been illegally harvested  killed through the collusion of  licensed hunting guides acting outside of the arbitrary bounds of the reserve where Cecil was wanted and protected.

Never mind that a male “free range” lion regularly residing outside the protected area probably lived another day as a result of Cecil’s bad luck. But hyped by the liberal media millions of nature lovers are distraught at the very idea of such a magnificent creature literally having a price on its head (the dentist’s hunting trophy) and that it is even allowed that they be harvested  killed.  This particular lion was said to be particularly photogenic, however a poll was not taken of the mothers of the other lions in Zimbabwe as to the handsomeness of their offspring.

Many profound articles have been written juxtaposing the incredible outrage and coverage afforded Cecil the lion’s death with the soft-pedaling or ignoring of revelations about Planned Parenthood’s stock in trade — the dismembering of unborn humans and the selling of their body parts.  Ironically, the “chief lioness” of Planned Parenthood is named Cecile (Richards).  The tears shed by liberals over Cecil the lion compared to their nonchalance toward the likes of what Cecile Richards justifies and promotes – the killing of human babies who have no meaningful protection from arbitrary slaughter at anytime prior to birth, is incredible.

To say the least, Cecil the lion has had one hell of a PR campaign devoted to him and on behalf of his memory, in an effort to protect all lions. It has been lapped up and megaphoned by the media.

But it is still so very confusing.

People have been all a flutter over the fate of Cecil’s living cubs as a result of Cecil’s demise as it is extensively reported that the succeeding male often kills the younger progeny of the former in order establish his own genetic dominance. This video is stark evidence of what those lovable cats are all about.

But what  may be missed by some, at least not often stated, is the implication about Cecil.  He was in all likelihood guilty of the same brutal monstrous actions. He can be anthropomorphized but the proper model is the likes of Cecile Richards whose organization rips babies limb from limb all the time. Here is another true picture of what the liberal media lionizes. Meet the  reality of  the employees of that wonderful women helping organization Planned Parenthood, Cecile’e minions,  taking delight identifying the  ripped up remains of  a boy. Below is the latest video expose (#4) from the Center for Medical Progress.

*  The Lion Sleeps tonight as performed by The Tokens.  By the way an accepted translation of the song includes the promise that “Hush! Hush! If we all be quiet, there will be lion meat for dinner.”  via Songfacts.com   

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