Mitch “regular order” McConnell has the Senate working again

DC circuit court overturns ban on NSA bulk data collection  

Thus, more of the fruits of the Obama-Reid Court packing of the DC Circuit carried out by Harry Reid and his suspension of the Senate filibuster rule for court appointments. If you’re not aware of this then you might be OK blithely supporting Mitch McConnell’s disastrous leadership agenda which allows Reid to protect his actions with the mere threat of a filibuster

Here’s a description of how Obama has wondrously changed for a generation or more the judicial landscape.  it is by Jeffrey Toobin, leftist “legal analyst” and columnist writing at the New Yorker. Much of Tobin’s article equivocates that Republicans made similar moves.  We wish.  In truth they never played hardball as Democrats have done.  And under McConnell Republicans will simply forfeit.

The Obama Brief

The transformation of the D.C. Circuit has been replicated in federal courts around the country. Obama has had two hundred and eighty judges confirmed, which represents about a third of the federal judiciary. Two of his choices, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, were nominated to the Supreme Court; fifty-three were named to the circuit courts of appeals, two hundred and twenty-three to the district courts, and two to the Court of International Trade. When Obama took office, Republican appointees controlled ten of the thirteen circuit courts of appeals; Democratic appointees now constitute a majority in nine circuits. Because federal judges have life tenure, nearly all of Obama’s judges will continue serving well after he leaves office.


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