Odds and ends

Face palm

This was the scroll along bottom of screen during CNN interview Friday morning with Julian Castro, HUD Secretary:

“Hillary e-Mail probe a ‘witch hunt’

No, it wasn’t a line from a late night comic (couldn’t have characterized it better myself).

Voter fraud? No possibility of that!

Yes, Really: 141 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than People Alive

As a prerequisite to lawsuits, a legal foundation has put all 141 counties on notice that their voter rolls are in violation of federal law, not to mention a national embarrassment.

Old  money vs new;  and grubbing with the best of them

Inside the Trump-Bush melodrama: Decades of tension and discomfort

“The Bushes were never Trump’s cup of tea,” said Roger Stone, a longtime confidant and former adviser to Trump. Asked why the Bushes often have kept Trump at arm’s length, he said: “He’s not from old, WASP money. The Trumps didn’t come on the Mayflower.”

Most of the WaPo article is an inconsequential report suggesting Trump inconsistencies, and pandering, but this one would seem to have some bight.

Trump was especially accusatory when he talked about Jeb Bush’s work in investment banking. After leaving the governor’s office in 2007, Bush was an adviser to Lehman Brothers and, later, Barclays, making between $1.3 million and $2 million a year. Trump called Bush’s role at Lehman a “no-show job” and suggested it was a reward for helping direct Florida state funds to the firm, whose collapse in 2008 helped kick off the Great Recession.

“That’s a Hillary Clinton kind of situation,” Trump said, referring to the Democratic front-runner. “This is huge. Let me ask you: Why would you pay a man $1.3 million a year for a no-show job at Lehman Brothers — which, when it failed, almost took the world with it?”

DLH and R Mall

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