New pronoun designations for “Volunteers”

How grateful I am that I did not attend the “University” of Tennessee. The “university” (in quotes to note that this designation as an institution of learning must now be in question) has sent forth one of its most alluring and seductive “officials” to proclaim that the “burden” must be lifted for those folks who are neither male nor female!

If UT has set out to distinguish itself as THE laughing stock of so-called institutions of higher learning, it has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.

Scott Johnson writing at Powerline has the story which has appeared in various news outlets over the past two days.


London Daily Mail

The university, through its “gay rights official”, who incidentally appears to have borne the aforementioned burden for who knows how long, has “advised staff and students to stop using ‘he’ and ‘she’…and switch to ‘xe’, ‘xir’. and ‘xyr’ instead”.

According to Powerline, ” The idea is avoid any implication that mankind is divided into men and women. This is discouraged “binary” thinking. In the brave new world, gender neutral pronouns are preferred to make the university “welcoming and inclusive” and to prevent feelings of marginalization.”

And, what if you had graduated from UT? Obviously, according to the now official guidelines, you could not be an *alumni, alumna, alumnus, nor alumnae, surely out of fear you might offend one of your fellow (oh, oh, “fellow”…what should I say, Donna Brquet, UT gay rights official?) graduates.


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