Just a donor organism

A friend sent us this video which was  sent to them by a Facebook friend. It is short and cute.  It is from a Russian organization that advertises and provides ultra sound video.  They have no axe to grind with American abortion policy, though ours is the most wide open in the western world. For all I now they would be happy to off the kid and sell his parts, just like Planned Parenthood would be.


By the way I ran the verbiage from the site through Google’s easy to use translator and this was the result: http://acmd-clinic.com/ultrasonic.html

Ultrasound in Kiev – a noninvasive and painless method of investigating the state of organ and tissue using ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound examinations are based on the ability of ultrasound to “reflect” on internal organs and tissues that have different densities. The reflected echoes are received into the amplifier and special reconstruction system, then the on-screen TV monitor as an image.

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