Mighty Mitch is gonna show ’em!

More comic-book legislation, as presented by Mitch and the GOP Establishment:

“Republicans plot counterattack to Iran nuclear deal filibuster”

Watch for Mitch’s “furious” counterattack. Certain to be as effective as Mitch’s previous furious counterattacks on Obamacare, illegal immigrant executive action, unconstitutional actions by EPA, lawless actions by the IRS, DHS, DOJ, etc, etc

And here is the laugh line of the day, from “the Hill”:

“Still, Democrats are waving off any concerns about political retribution. Republicans _ who made a habit of subjecting legislation to 60-vote thresholds while in the minority _are the ones looking like hypocrites, they insist.

“I think observers of the process will agree that this is just a little bit too cute coming from a party that forced cloture motions countless times over the past seven years,” said one senior Democratic Senate aide.”

I wonder if the “observers of the process” noticed at the time that when the filibuster thwarted Obama’s and Harry Reid’s effort to “pack” the DC Court of Appeals,and award lifetime federal judgeships to scores of highly controversial nominees, Sen. Majority Leader Reid’s “counterattack” consisted of doing away with the filibuster with a simple majority vote, on a straight party line ballot.

That’s what’s called an “effective counterattack”.

The GOP establishment’s answer to the Democrats is to note, “but they paid a terrible price in the mid-term election”. Those who voted for Republicans ask “to what avail?” The answer includes that  America will pay a terrible price for at least a generation to come under the literal rule of a huge number of Obama-radical left federal judges.

The consequences of McConnell’s cowardice and fecklessness regarding the disastrous “Iran agreement” will be even far more dangerous and destructive!


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