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Look Who’s Getting His Threat To Shut Down the Government Out Early

” This month, Congress has an opportunity to continue that progress. As always, the deadline for Congress to pass a budget is the end of September. Every year. This is not new. And if they don’t, they’ll shut down the government for the second time in two years. At a time when the global economy faces headwinds and America’s economy is a relative bright spot in the world, a shutdown of our government would be wildly irresponsible. It would be an unforced error that saps the momentum we’ve worked so hard to build. Plain and simple, a shutdown would hurt working Americans.

” It doesn’t have to happen. If Congress wants to support working Americans and strengthen our middle class, they can pass a budget that invests in, not makes cuts to, the middle class. If they pass a budget with shortsighted sequester cuts that harm our military and our economy, I’ll veto it. If they make smart investments in our military readiness, our infrastructure, our schools, public health, and research, I’ll sign that budget — and they know that. “

Our Dear Leader hath spoken. He’s concerned about “the folks”…those “middle class” folks just like him. And he wants to keep the amazing progress America has achieved under his leadership.

Look what he’s accomplished so far. Almost 100 million Americans have dropped out of the work force, able apparently to exist comfortably and watch illegal immigrants do the work that’s “beneath” them. Obama’s attitude is “let them eat food stamps” and enjoy the generous benefits borrowed or extorted (tax) money can provide.

Having created an economy in which so many Americans can choose to sideline themselves from employment and the “working folks” are earning less since Dear Leader came to power, Obama now brags that he is adding to the nation’s $17 trillion debt only half as much as he spent achieving this “great momentum”. Of course, for the low information, or PBS news consumer, he characterizes it as an heroic and successful effort to “slash the deficit”.

And he now insists that Congress add more to the debt, fund every one of his programs, however proven ineffective or unpopular they might be, or he will take the “necessary” action (a veto) to shut down the government and blame the other political party for not compromising.

Works for him.  But check out these graphic descriptors of Obama’s performance.  The latter graph describes Mt Obama.        DLH




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