Oscars — we really shouldn’t bother

oscarboyWe will admit to switching over in anticipation of the tail end of the Oscar presentations last night.  We had seen two of the best picture nominees — “Bridge of Spies”  and “Spotlight” and were curious. Sometimes it is interesting in a clinical sort of way to watch the spectacle and the rampant self-absorbed neurosis on display. This year’s “aren’t we wonderful party” hosted by black comedian Chris rock was oscar the grouchcontroversial because the usual suspects were claiming the awards were racially biased and that people of color are not given opportunities in “Hollywood.” It seems that black mega-stars can’t get any traction and theater goers are required to practice affirmative action.  Rock in taking the gig played up to it.

Here are a couple of dispatches about the event from the Blaze followed by a few comments to one of them we thought were worthy of discussion.  Oh, and a few graphics for fun.  By the way, it was a seven-year low for viewership.

Ratings Reveal How Viewers Reacted to Racially and Politically Charged 2016 Oscars Show

Chris Rock Spares No One in Opening Oscars Monologue, Mocks ‘Sorority’ Racism of White Hollywood Liberals

And a few of the comments gleaned from the above:

Chris, why are Clooney, Pitt, Damon, and Dicrapio not nominated in the annual BET awards? Will you be tolerant if they had their own WET awards? Absolute nonsense, when is the American Psychological Associtation going to add liberalism into their mental disorder diagnostic manual?

Yawn. Must be tiresome living on a world of nothing but race, race, race. I get tired just watching.

Jamie Foxx said it best. Want a nomination???…”Act better”.

. . .  To be fair and equal. Just cancel having them. Problem solved. And everyone treated equally and with the same equal outcome.

Woopi got mistaken for Oprah.  Everyone knows Oprah's tat is on her thigh

Woopi got mistaken for Oprah. Everyone knows Oprah’s tat is on her thigh

A picture says a lot

A picture says a lot









And who can forget:

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  1. Gus says:

    Now let’s move on to those “discriminatory voting practices” by NBA sportswriters and broadcasters. Why aren’t there more white players in the NBA All Star game?

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