Earnestly hypocritical

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.20.40 PMI found it rather startling that “Earnest” Josh Earnest would comment on a pronunciation flub by a political figure. After all, Josh is chief mouthpiece/ spokeshole for the guy that must have made some kind of “phonetic” history…a Yale and Harvard educated guy in his forties who truly did not know how to pronounce “corps”!…and repeatedly exhibited the fact by honoring a Navy “Corpse-man” in front of the entire Washington press “corpse”.  We won’t mention his presidential mispronunciations of Ebola   Massachusetts   ramen   Orion  quagmire and more than one foreign dignitary’s name or his affected “black speak.”

By the way none of the sources pointing out the above included ABC .

Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump Flubs Pronunciation of ‘Tanzania’ (ABC News)

“White House press secretary Josh Earnest wasn’t above the fray either.

“At the start of his press conference, which began while Trump’s speech was still going on, Earnest took a jab at the Tanzania flub.

“Apparently the phonetics were not included on the teleprompter,” Earnest said, both goading Trump for the mispronunciation and his use of a teleprompter. Trump has repeatedly criticized politicians that use teleprompters and the real estate mogul has only used them at one other event during the campaign.”


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