Boehner says “Over my dead body will he (Cruz) be President”

Apparently Ted Cruz was responsible for a lot of stress on Big John.   Now who is the true conservative and who is the establishment favorite? Which one does the establishment and donor class fear, the one they can golf and do business with, or the one that has a better chance of beating Hillary?



Yesterday, I announced Carly Fiorina as my choice for Vice President.

It took less than 24 hours for the Washington Cartel to go into full panic mode – launching an all-out attack on Carly and me.

And who did they turn to to lead the attacks? None other than former Speaker of the House and Washington Cartel ringleader, John Boehner! Apparently John Boehner is now leading an effort to maintain the status quo and just announced his opposition to me and Carly stating: “Over my dead body will he be President.”

If you are a supporter of the Washington Cartel – and think John Boehner did a good job compromising with Barack Obama – you don’t need to read any further.

But if you agree with me that Washington is a mess and the establishment wings of both parties are to blame – then I need your immediate help.

Let me get straight to the point: the day after I announced Carly Fiorina, a true conservative and a D.C. outsider, as my running mate…John Boehner ran to the national media stage and started spewing insults. Boehner called me, “Lucifer in the flesh,” and the ‘most miserable S.O.B. he’s had to work with in his life.’

Coming from the godfather of the Washington Cartel, that is a ringing endorsement!

But the truth is: John Boehner and Donald Trump are golfing and texting buddies. In fact, Donald Trump donated $100,000 to John Boehner’s Super PAC!

When it comes to standing up to the Washington Cartel – who do you trust? Donald Trump and John Boehner or Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina?


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