WSJ tries to evade responsibility for political landscape

Oh, come now, Daniel

“Let’s be clear. The success of the Trump candidacy is based on one and only one reality: two terms of weak, anxiety-producing economic growth under Barack Obama.”

So sayeth the Wall Street Journal as written by Daniel Henninger, one of the paper’s many savage anti-Trump/Cruz attack dogs in recent months.

How many informed voters believe Mr. Henninger’s confident assertion? The “one, and only one, reality…weak..economic growth…”?!

It is fortunate for Mr. Henninger that he could write these words rather than stand in front of an audience made up of Trump and Cruz and Carson and Fiorina voters. He might have hurt himself trying to keep a straight face.

There are many reasons for the success of the Trump candidacy. Nearly all can be attributed to the very disastrous presidency of Barack Obama combined with the abject, and, yes, even treacherous, betrayal of the American people, especially their own voters, by the Republican establishment .

But, if one must cite just a single “reality” it would be the one that the Wall Street Journal itself was so much a part of as the GOP establishment’s mouthpiece and cheerleader for.

And that would be the richly welcomed invasion of the nation by illegal immigrants.

Who is not aware that the shock and awe of Donald Trump’s liftoff to his presidential run was his promise to halt that economy crippling assault on our borders?

The impetus fueled by Trump’s promise to “build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it’ sustains his campaign even today…to the complete dismay of the Henningers at the Wall Street Journal, the US Chamber of Commerce, the GOP’s donor class, and the entire Republican establishment!

So spare us, Mr. Henninger. That, in fact, is probably the only thing you and your colleagues fear from Donald Trump, and we think that the Journal shares with the establishment the belief that they’ll be able to “deal” with The Donald on that issue if he wins the presidency…something they did not think possible with Ted Cruz!


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