Midnight for America (and lights out)

This commentary relates to a report today by Valerie Richardson in the Washington Times.     Obama will bypass Senate and ratify Paris climate accord

“Sen. James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican and Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chairman, has repeatedly said that the Paris Agreement will change nothing. He issued a white paper in April that said the pact amounts to “empty promises that will have no meaningful impact on the climate.”

Who believes that Senator Inhofe is this naive…or downright stupid?

Obama announcing that he has “ratified” the climate change deal “will change nothing”!

Really? Obama “ratified” the Iran Nuclear “Agreement” in the very same fashion…and it “changed nothing?”



Inhoff is probably right if he is saying that China and other nations will cheat and violate the protocols or that CO2 increase is a natural phenomenon and naturally good.  But the regulations that Obama has been implementing in pursuit of this and the rest of his green agenda are putting huge useless burdens on industry, commerce and citizens in general, adding to costs of living, and as always hurting the poor more than the wealthy.  They will change nothing as far as climate BUT EVERYTHING in many other ways.

Instead of either of these things being called “treaties”, which they undeniably are, America’s Dictator says they are merely “executive agreements” and the US Congress, specifically the Senate, has no say whatsoever in executing them. So bug off, Inhofe!

Xi Jin Ping must be pea green with envy. Like most every other dictator, he has to use or threaten to use brutality to implement his despotic whims. Obama, with the support and approval of a corrupt media, and an ill-, or un-informed electorate, along with the acquiescence of a cowardly “opposition” political Party is able to go about the dismantling of the entire governmental and constitutional structure of “his” country unimpeded.

All thanks to shameless, repulsive GOP con artists, including Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the entire Washington “establishment.

It is indeed “midnight” for America…its day has passed.


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