Things that mystify and astound:

The left’s intellectual dishonesty that money is not fungible

Imagine the uproar if the US “only” funded KKK soup kitchens, on the theory that, hey white supremacists gotta eat too, and we are not directly funding their lynching program.

(Op ed, Wall Street Journal, 1/28/17):

“(Palestinian Authority)…statutes pledge to “martyr” families…(of suicide bombers whose actions were intended)… for the maiming and killing of civilians…triple the income for life of the average salary in the West Bank, free tuition, health insurance,and clothing allowances…”.

(The (UK) Daily Mail, 8/7/11)

“The Palestinian Authority, which oversees the West Bank, has introduced a new law which pays the families of suicide bombers out of its civil service budget.
“According to the official Palestinian daily newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, payments to the families of ‘martyrs’ – those killed fighting Israel, including suicide bombers – totalled 3.5 per cent of the budget.

“Every terrorist in prison, including those whose acts led to the deaths of Israeli civilians, are on the PA payroll,’ said Itamar Marcus, of Palestinian Media Watch.
“The salary goes directly to the terrorist or the terrorist’s family, and prisoners receive their salaries from the day of arrest.’

Tory MP Philip Davies said the payments were ‘ludicrous’. He added: ‘People think overseas aid is to try to alleviate terrible poverty in places where they can’t afford to look after themselves. But it’s being put to these kind of purposes.”

News that the outgoing Obama administration had broken an agreement with and blatantly defied congress as it exited did not surprise us. Throughout his reign, President Obama’s utter contempt for congress was on display nearly every day.

So the revelation that despite the bi-partisan opposition of congress, Obama had attempted make one last ‘donation’ to the “peace loving” Palestinian Authority of $221 million of the loose change lying around the White House, was totally consistent in several ways.

In our humble opinion, there has been no bigger booster of “all things Muslim” than Barack Obama. Nothing intrinsically wrong with that.

However, Mr. Obama seemed to not make any distinction between radical Islamist entities and mainstream Islam.

His chief criteria seemed to be, did it do damage to US ally Israel and to stability in the Middle East. If so, that’s a bonus!

Witness the Iran nuclear agreement. Witness the astonishingly dangerous and unconscionable surrender to the Taliban in the exchange of 5 top terrorist leaders and millions of $ for alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Or the payment of $400 million in ransom to get our sailors captured by Iran. Consider the eager and enduring support to the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the administration’s opposition toEgypt’s Al Sisi.

Thus the final spiteful (and very suspect) act of the Obama regime…the attempted last minute gift of $221 million taxpayer dollars to the terrorist Palestinian Authority!

None of this is a big surprise.

But what is much more likely to shock most American people is something that has not been a secret among world leaders and many US political figures is this:

By law, the Palestinian authority has paid as much as $6 million to the families of suicide bombers killed waging terrorist war on the Israeli population; Palestinian terrorists imprisoned for their acts, including the murder of civilians are paid a salary while in prison!

While Obama apologists may cry that us dollars are not used for these purposes, they most certainly help prop up the Palestinian regime so that it can use other funds to reward terrorism.

This is just one thing that, today, “mystifies and astounds” us.                      DLH

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