Trump is correct: Chuck “Sniffles” Schumer needs a new drama coach

There the liberals go again, hijacking Lady Liberty* with an ahistoric poem and in an hysterical manner to boot.

You gotta watch “Sniffles” in action

Now we follow the news probably much more closely than the average American has the luxury to do so.

So at this point , while we don’t claim to have seen it all, there’s a lot we have observed of the day-to-day political scene.

This week, however, one particular incident…minor to be sure against the background of large and developing political events…really “took the cake”, as far as we’re concerned.

This was the hilarious and most striking political pratfall by possibly the most cynical, dishonest, opportunistic player on the political scene since Barack Obama exited stage left all of 10 days ago.

Even the Democratic party’s most loyal fans, the Washington press corps, had to find it impossible to suppress their laugh out loud reflexes watching the Senate minority leader as he stood at the podium choking back tears while he condemned President Trump’s temporary suspension of refugee migration from terrorist countries.

The “honorable” Chuck Schumer, senior senator from New York and, as once described by a political rival, former GOP senator Al D’Amato, the Democrats’ chief “putz”, attempted to turn a typically nasty political attack into a heartbreaking outpouring of honest outrage and compassion.

What a performance!

Your average crocodile would be insulted by the Senator’s phony tears. A vaudeville audience would have been rolling in the aisles. A Republican attempting such a farcical performance would have gotten a forceful ‘hook’ and pundits from both sides would write humor columns for weeks, trying to put just the right derisive spin to insure the permanent end to the poor guy’s political future (as they tried to once do to Rick Perry over his momentary memory lapse) .

But not so with Democrats’ latest version of Harry Reid…the former ‘turd weight’ boxing champion of the world.

We haven’t seen such a poor theatrical attempt to portray a character since Madonna tried to act like a normal life form, or maybe this collegiate pratfall:                        DLH

*It apparently is not too obvious to point put to liberals like Chuck Schumer that the Statue of Liberty, celebrates liberty not immigration.  It was not conceived, offered, funded, or installed with the idea of celebrating immigration.  To be sure “liberty” should be attractive to immigrants, but immigration for immigration sake is in no way the core of the intent behind the statue.

The Statue of Liberty was construed as a gift in celebration of the centennial of our free republic’s founding, a result of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, and perhaps the victory over slavery (see here and here ) .  The gift had plenty of meaning prior to Emma (Schumer?) Lazarus’s poem, which was not even considered as a nice addendum to the structure for 15 or more years after Lady Liberty was installed.

The poem is not without merit as poetically identifying the attraction to immigrate here,  but any implication that it was accepted as a celebration of unlimited immigration, refugee or not , is fake history, something that imbues liberal thinking and makes them dangerous as well.

Indeed our country’s attraction is properly to those  “yearning to breathe free,” , not yearning to invoke Sharia law; “yearning to breathe free,” not yearning for welfare benefits; “yearning to breathe free”, not yearning to disrespect the laws of a country which  make and keep it free; “yearning to breathe free” but not elbowing out the law-abiding or the more persecuted in other countries. This nation had its origin in Europeans fleeing categorical religious persecution, the Muslims entering our country are not fleeing categorical religious persecution.

Lady Liberty was funded also by the U.S. and private citizens.  It was being erected at the same time Congress was passing its first immigration regulatory laws (quite discriminatory by the way).  Unlimited immigration from any country outside of what our laws, and the administration of them allowed, was hardly contemplated by anyone that had anything seriously to do with Lady Liberty.        R Mall

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