Cancel free speech – the whole “free speech”thing was just liberal pretense anyway.

Two things:

Protect the darlings from 100 pound Ann Coulter

This is how it goes — left wing snowflakes given to tantrums at Berkeley, “the home of free speech” (the tantrums are not free, they are probably paid) develop a practice of riot  — arson  — intimidation to stop conservative speakers on campus.   Snowflake college administrators, rather than identifying the thugs,  prosecuting them and thereby keeping campuses safe for ideas, succumb to, enable, if not encourage the threat.

If a conservative group or groups say they will be there to help protect speakers and business owners, people who have never rioted or initiated violence, well then the threat is conveniently more critical, those damn conservatives just cause trouble and by gosh the main purpose of COLLEGE administrators is to make campuses safe and secure. Succumbing to threats is security.  Orwell AND Huxley must now be banned authors.

Ann Coulter is too unsafe. More reading at National Review: Ann Coulter the Liberal

Brave teenager

This is not unlike what many have experienced as part of right to life protests from “educators”  and other liberals.   This “educator” is a class act.

Just listen to this ass.

Principal Placed on Leave for Screaming at Pro-Life Teen: “I Don’t Give a S— What Jesus Says”

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    A line from The Godfather applies: “A man in my position cannot afford to be made to look ridiculous.”

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