The establishment press doesn’t get us but they know we are stupid

Three from Politico, the headquarters of “we are the champions” of the world

In two of the three even their introspection shtick seems, largely, as much a narcissistic tool to express loathing of conservatives

The Strange Psychological Power of ‘Fox & Friends’ 

Here’s a column by  a really smart lady. She gets her information from the NY Times and MSNBC and CNN; And she knows some really smart college professors. So listen up you consumers of dumb news and opinion by conservative writers, pundits, and journalists.
Oh, and she can’t emphasize enough…you are really stupid and easily manipulated.

Unrelenting positivity has a powerful warping effect on your thinking. So how is that affecting Viewer No. 1?

* “It’s hard to imagine Trump, an aficionado of flash, sitting compliantly in front of “The PBS NewsHour.” And indeed, “Fox & Friends”—expeditious and entertaining, scored with pumped-up pop music and fueled by amiable banter—is the polar opposite of a sober public television program.”

* “To occupy a world this rose-colored, you have to willfully ignore certain news events, and even entire subjects, such as climate change.”

* “On CNN, you’ll see panels of partisans teed up at long tables, with the expectation that sparks will fly. But “Fox & Friends” isn’t set up for confrontation, and it rarely bothers to put opposing points of view on screen at the same time. When talking heads do collide, there’s often a surrounding schtick: two Southern brothers, one Democrat and one Republican, debating the American Health Care Act.”

* “Fox & Friends,” she says, seems tailor-made to lull viewers down that second path, where they swallow information without scrutiny.”

* And now the U.S. president is in the bubble, too. “Trump is the ideal viewer for ‘Fox & Friends,’” says Young. “He is someone who loves to feel right. He loves to feel reassured in his worldview. But most importantly, he loves to be told that he’s smart.” It’s extraordinary, and also dangerous. As Boston College political science professor Emily Thorson notes…

What the Press Still Doesn’t Get About Trump

He’s not unprecedented. He’s not going to change. And 11 other lessons the media still haven’t learned about the president. 

Includes 13 brief commentaries, a few from conservatives, but not necessarily pro-trump. Shouldn’t more of them be from authentic pro-Trump commentariat if the goal is learning from those that got it right?

The Media Bubble Is Worse Than You Think

We crunched the data on where journalists work and how fast it’s changing. The results should worry you.

By Jack Shafer and Tucker Doherty, a worthy and revealing article, it was featured conversation on Rush Limbaugh’s Friday show. It relies on location statistics as determination, but misses the influence of endemic liberal academia in the formation of “journalistic” mind set. Not introspective enough to get at the root of the problem.

DLH with R Mall

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