– Roger Goodell, Weird Commissioner of NFL: Trump shows “unfortunate lack of respect” for NFL and its players (Yep, he really said that.). Let’s recall the NFL’s denying the Dallas Cowboys wishes to wear a decal on their uniforms honoring the 5 Dallas police officers killed protecting the “rights” of Black Lives Matter” demonstrators. “Everyone has to be in uniform with the league and the other 31 teams”, the commissioner’s office said.
Oh, and by the way why doesn’t a team hire Tim Tebow, an accomplished quarterback. Kaepernick could be his backup!

– Tom Brady, QB of oddly named New England “Patriots”: I thought (Trump’s) comment was just divisive” (no kidding Tom? Is disrespecting the Anthem and our nation’s flag at all “divisive”?). Tom also noted that he believes in “bringing people together and respect and love and trust” (Who can argue with that?).

– The players’ union: They expressed a determination to defend players’ “right to freedom of expression”.  On the playing field foisted on a paying audience there to see them play football??!!  Do it on Twitter you twits.

– And Robert McNair, chairman of the Houston Texans team, said that Trump’s comments were “divisive and counterproductive to what our country needs right now”. There are many other such inane observations by multi-millionaires seeking to protect their investments or their lucrative “careers”…understandable. But to pretend as though they are so righteous in defending the nation’s values is beyond absurd.

DLH and R Mall

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