Schlichter nails it!

We monitor many columnists and publications and have current favorites. Clarice Feldman is one because of her thoroughness (given the medium), documentation, gift of analysis, and her ability to recognize the same in others by virtue of what she finds and links to.  Kurt Schlichter is a newer favorite, recognizing his more bombastic approach we appreciate that he so often says what needs to be pointedly said (and what other people are thinking) if not articulating as well. His columns are compelling distillations of what has driven support and appreciation for Trump. Regrettably we miss some good ones and reader Tom Nelson called a great Schlichter one to our attention.

It will fire you up, stiffen your spine.

Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Right

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  1. GUS says:

    “…we’re done walking on eggshells and playing your (liberals) verbal minefield game. You’ll call us “murderers,” “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes” and every other kind of “phobe” you can invent no matter what we do anyway, and it’s all a lie. It’s also all meaningless. You don’t even believe it. It’s just a rhetorical weapon, and a lame one, but you’ve fired all your ammo. The chamber is empty. Keep pulling the trigger on your slanders, but we’re now woke to the scam and you’re just shooting blanks.”

    The liberals’ “rhetorical weapon” as Schlichter called it, has been ‘firing’ those lying epithets at conservatives on “fully automatic” for so long, it has ‘melted their barrel’…which may explain their confusion over which ‘binary’ gender they are. And sadly for many liberals, all the free government viagra in the world isn’t going to ‘stiffen their barrels’ ever again.

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