Have you noticed newspapers are showing up with less and less news – and that sports is the biggest contiguous section. And of course what dominates national and state news is what the AP says is important and of course what they say is important is usually loaded  or spun with their east-coast predilection.

They are usually sure to balance  (overwhelm really) anything adverse to Democrats with  excuse making and reduce Republican claims with counter claims. They will be incessant with anything deemed negative about Republicans and load the story with the accusers spin.  The AP does not always bother identifying  opinion analysis  rather pretending it is straight reporting. The critique “fair and balanced” adopted by Fox cable news is not for nothing or said in a vacuum.  So with this standard critical refrain of ours as regards the guardians of keeping the truth well wrapped, the AP, we were surprised by a report appearing in the Dispatch – Argus (DA) that at least provided a fair shake for Republican back and forth considering it was about an internal Republican imbroglio. Of course they took some delight in publishing it but refrained from supplying unnamed sources.

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