The “sh*t-hole scandal” continues to rock Washington; fomented by sh*t-head Dick Durbin

  • Is Trump the most vulgar and undignified president ever?
  • Lying Dick Durbin runs to the press lying about being shocked about a Trump comment
  • All those times Dick Durbin has tried to look Demo-Presidential


Remembering Camelot and oh, the elegance

JFK took virginity White House intern Mimi Alford 

“She … tells of how JFK asked her to ‘take care’ of his friend, Powers who ‘looked a little tense’ while they were swimming in the White House pool.
‘It was a dare, but I knew exactly what he meant. This was a challenge to give Dave Powers oral sex. I don’t think the president thought I’d do it, but I’m ashamed to say that I did… The president silently watched,’ she said.”


Would Dick Durbin have been shocked by the sullying of The Peoples House back then, would he have called for impeachment of JFK as some of his party’s luminaries  have done about once a week regarding Trump?  And we remember that in spite of the “blue dress” Durbin voted against removal of Clinton. Some how Clinton was not in “dangerous territory” for importuning perjury. What and who stained the decorum of the White House more?  An epithet by Trump or sexual assault in the White House by Clinton ?  Indeed which is worse  —  a frustrated epithet, if it happened, or calumny from the likes of Dick Durbin?

Flashback: That Time Dick Durbin Made Up A Story About A GOP Leader Insulting President Obama

What is more serious, tough talk on an immigration matter or defaming American soldiers?

Durbin Apologizes for Remarks on Abuse 

The Anti-Defamation League on Thursday joined lawmakers and other groups in calling for an apology for comparing the activities of U.S. troops to those of Nazis. Then, Chicago’s Democratic mayor, Richard M. Daley, declared: “I think it’s a disgrace to say that any man or woman in the military would act like that.”   . . .

Or defaming his colleagues?

Second, Durbin is not the most reliable source when it comes to White House meetings. In 2013, during the debt ceiling negotiations, Dick was caught straight up lying, alleging that one GOP congressional leader told the president, “I can’t even stand to look at you.” This never happened (via Politico) :

Language by politicians in closed meetings has always been so pure before Trump . . .

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DLH with R Mall

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  1. Gus says:

    Ah yes…the Reverend ‘Dick’ Durbin, the man known affectionately by the word which is both another name for “Richard”… and a title he has richly earned.

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