How do you seriously help sh*t-hole countries?

  • also a challenge to the oh so compassionate immigration proponents

For anyone referring to some countries as “shit-holes”is it   . . .

a) a “racist sentiment”? NO! It has nothing to do with the race or color or ethnicity of the hapless citizens of those countries. They ARE crappy places…extremely corrupt government-imposed poverty and misery, rampant lawlessness, etc…. the kind of “nations” which exist in many parts of our world. I won’t put words in President Trump’s mouth but the fact is the total population represented by the residents of such countries dwarfs the US population. To welcome every one of those, or even a sizable fraction, who want to come to America, bringing their unique values, beliefs, motives, and expectations is not just unrealistic, it is cultural, political, and national suicide. (Suspend the madness of the US left and wait to see the outcome of similar initiatives by Frau Merkel as her actions play out and destroy her nation.)

b) Or was Trump’s alleged “characterization”, now being widely promoted by his many political enemies, as well as cowardly “moderate” politicians a ‘formal presidential pronouncement’?  It was not. As a rhetorical “flourish”# used in a private, issue-related discussion/debate to illustrate the abject moral and political bankruptcy of countries, rife with a poorly educated and historically oppressed populace, our president’s comments make a very important point, whether one agrees with the choice of the descriptive term he used or not. The very fact that Mr. Trump’s political enemies seize on a word, leak it to their media toadies, specifically in order to discredit the honest value of the debate is beyond, but typical of, the hypocrisy of the super-rich left, the corrupt Democratic party, and their supportive media in this country!


And the question arises, what is more compassionate, regional refugee status whereby the presumption is to help people return and change the conditions that drove them to leave or “a path to citizenship here” and their descendants, to the effect no serious change is ever forthcoming in such “sh*t-hole” countries? Why is it not compassionate to “intervene” by helping those who want to end murdering despotic government with military aid?

R Mall

And we are reminded about to whom our country’s first duty is owed:

Eugene Mattecheck, Jr.

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