Trump’s Blind Spot

The effete hate him, the “barbarians” love him, embrace the latter

– The president seems to mistakenly assume that all of the people on his team, the members of his political party and those of the opposition, the members of the media, the people he must deal with from institutions, agencies, and interest groups, within and outside the government are mature, honest, well-meaning, and of good will.

– Nothing could be further from the reality. Many are petty, dishonest, devious, are not well-meaning, and unrelenting in their desire to undermine and utterly destroy Mr. Trump.

– Even in properly private forums where openness, honesty, and interest in candidly sharing positions with the aim of finding resolution on serious issues are supposedly welcomed, there are participants listening closely to the president hoping to hear a remark, a statement of position, even just a word, which can be leaked to the outside world to be portrayed in a manner distorted or misrepresented if necessary, which they hope will humiliate, undermine, hopefully destroy him.

Only his most bitter critics would suggest that Donald Trump is a dummy. He has been supremely successful throughout his life, whatever the endeavor, including achievement of the most powerful leadership position in the entire world.

We would suggest, however, as with all mortals, President Trump has a blind spot as he views from his most coveted position, the world and those who inhabit it, as it is and as they are.

This blindspot became apparent in a painful way this past week, when his typically blunt manner of speaking in moments of private discussion and debate on matters of the highest importance was exploited by people who wish his downfall in the most disastrous way.
Castigated worldwide for the utterance of an ill-chosen expletive…one used on a a regular basis in both light and serious everyday conversation by most people and most certainly by those who appeared to be most shocked and appalled, must have come as, at least, a mild surprise to this most worldly of men.

Mr. Trump has shown a distressing tendency to believe that the people he must deal with in his role as the president of the most powerful nation on earth are men and women of maturity, good will, and shared values.

Obviously nothing could be further from reality. Many of the people Trump must rely on as his governing team, many, if not most of those with whom he must deal with outside of his own team…media, opposition political party figures, appointed and self-chosen leaders of popular institutions, agencies and social movements…are not mature, well-meaning individuals of great integrity and good will. Too many are petty, dishonest, greedy for money, power, adulation.

As he was engaging in what he obviously considered to be open, serious discussion of issues of great moment, there were among the participants in that private meeting where candor and honesty is to be heard and given, individuals looking for and desperately hoping to hear a remark, a statement of position, even just a word, which could be passed furtively to the outside world in order to embarrass, humiliate, undermine, hopefully destroy Donald Trump.

And it was dramatically proven, once again, that this president whom 60 million Americans voted for to restore the faith, confidence, and hope for America which was so eroded over recent decades by lesser predecessors, should offer his blind trust to none of those around him or those with whom he must deal.

Dramatic proof once again, validating the suspicions raised throughout his first year in office:

– James Comey, a dishonest, arrogant man who should not have been asked (if he was) if he would be “loyal” to Mr. Trump…but instead, should have been asked if he could be “trusted”…a different standard to which he would have failed miserably.

– Rod Rosenstein, a man whose devotion to Trump’s predecessor needed no validation, yet, was chosen and nominated by the president for an all-important high position in the Justice Department.

– People around Trump upon whom he relies to provide him with prospective nominees for major roles in the administration, based on shared dedication to its aims and aspirations, have failed in their tasks, too often to be seen as mere lapses (John Koskinen, IRS, retained in his job until end of term; Andrew McCabe, FBI; key figures in EPA, State, Justice, Homeland Security retained, not replaced with good nominees*, etc.).  Paul Mirengoff writing at Powerline points out the pettiness if not outright sandbagging.  DLH

Trump the Barbarian 

Trump ought to dance with the “deplorables” that elected him, he owes the establishment nothing.   For example, immigration, the centerpiece of his campaign, is what brought so many blue-collar independents and Dems to vote for him.  He should be confident as Wayne Allyn Root cheers him on to do:

Democrats are the ones who want DACA so badly. What cards are they holding? Trump is “Making America Rich again.” His agenda is a success. He’s in the driver’s seat. He can negotiate from a position of strength. The 63 million Americans who voted for Trump don’t want DACA. Why would we give in, in return for nothing?

Here’s the list- plain and simple. We want the full funding of the wall…funding for thousands of new border and ICE agents for enforcement…extreme vetting…an immediate end to chain migration…e-verify, so illegal aliens can never be hired again…end to the Visa Lottery…an end to birthright citizenship…and a 5-year ban on welfare and food stamps for any foreigner in the USA.

That’s called negotiation. We don’t want DACA. We have no reason to give in on DACA. We won the election, remember? We control all levels of government, remember? But if you want it, you’re going to have to give us everything we want. And I mean everything. Plus the kitchen sink.

And as long as Trump holds firm on that list, he will have the full support of 63 million Americans to use strong language and offend anyone he wants by telling the raw truth.

Because he’s our “Trump the Barbarian.”

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5 Responses to Trump’s Blind Spot

  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    It’s all part of the plan. Hear anybody complaining about conservative judges? Watch this scene from “Fury”. What might have happened if a heavy cloud of smoke had been obscuring the Tiger’s view of the Shermans? I’ve been formulating an essay along those lines for some time. It’s why I’m at peace.

  2. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    My wife says, allegorizing things w/ movie clips is “a guy thing”. …and I believe that’s actually a word.

  3. Hubert Pries says:

    1. You are buying that he said it, he denied saying it. 2. There is corroboration that he did not say it. 3. Its Dickie Durbin making the claim and he is an out and out liar as he has proven many times. 4. Who really gives a rat’s ass if he did say it? Truth is an absolute defense and there is no reason that you folks need to get so namby pamby about whether he did or didn’t.

    I, for one, am so sick and tired of so-called experts pontificating on how Trump should talk or act. We have seen how well political correctness has worked for Republican presidents, it does not deter Demonrats from belittling, dehumanizing and just plain demonizing conservatives, and it is high time to give these assholes two smoking barrels of the same.

    • Designated2 says:

      Through this series we alternated basically between saying “alleged” and a tone of ~~ so what if he did. In the series we also referred to Dick Durbin as basically a liar, someone not to be trusted issuing any accusation.

  4. DLH says:

    Tell me, Hugh, who’s “buying” that he said it? Who cares? If he didn’t it’s the usual lie. If he did, so what? I think we have been clear where we are on this. I’m not sure if you are.

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