Grassley Memo and criminal referral — why doesn’t it include agents that mislead (lied) to FISA court?

  • Send some swamp denizens to jail, not just their sleazy operatives
  • Jail the FBI johns and the prostitute and the keepers of the disorderly house
  • What the usual suspects are saying

We are asking the question in our subject line with the understanding that maybe such will be forthcoming from somewhere, and maybe the obviousness of such a measure is relied on by Grassley / Graham. We do wonder why it would be out of congressional oversight committee purview to do so at the same time as they issued a criminal referral for Christopher Steel   ( see memo linked to below and analysis by others) given that Grassley et al had access to the Nunes Memo.

Read together it is clear that agents of agencies with the responsibility to tell the truth and protect the Constitution intentionally mislead the FISA court resulting in violations of numerous American citizens’ 4th Amendment rights. Abundant information  indicates the purpose was political tampering at best, corruption of democracy with implications of a coup d’état or blackmail.

If withholding material information about the nature of the information used to obtain a FISA warrant isn’t actual perjury how is it not criminal contempt of court?   Maybe only the judge involved can decide that but a legislative committee who has relevant information received under oath can surely refer the information to the judge.

A lie of omission is an intentional failure to tell the truth in a situation requiring disclosure.

Criminal Contempt of Court generally refers to conduct that defies, disrespects or insults the authority or dignity of a court. Often, contempt takes the form of actions that are seen as detrimental to the court’s ability to administer justice.  (More explanation at site)

The Grassley/Graham largely underacted memo is available here.

Analysis by others:  The Grassley Memo Bombshells    via Rush Limbaugh Feb 7, 2018

RUSH: The Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham memo. This is a memo, it’s a criminal referral asking for a criminal investigation in the State Department. What was the State Department doing in all of this? Not just the FBI. The State Department where Hillary Clinton once prowled the corridors. Because in testimony before his committee, Senator Grassley has been able to confirm that Christopher Steele lied to the FBI. And that’s what he wants.

He wants a trial, a criminal investigation of Steele, the author of the dossier, for lying to the FBI. They’re putting everybody in jail for that. They put Martha Stewart in jail for it, they put Scooter Libby in jail for it, and Charles Grassley is asking why are we not trying to put Christopher Steele in jail? He lied to the FBI. What about? He lied to the FBI about his contact with Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News.

The Grassley memo confirms the Nunes memo, that the FBI misled the FISA court to obtain a surveillance warrant on a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, who has never met Trump. Did you know that? Carter Page told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News (paraphrasing), “I’ve never even met Trump. I wasn’t a close adviser! All I ever did was go to Moscow once. But I am not a Trump adviser. I’ve not told him a thing. I don’t know him. I’ve never met him.”

So Christopher Steele, he lied to the FBI about his contact with Yahoo News. The circular route of this is this. In its FISA warrant application, the FBI includes the Steele dossier, but they do not say that Steele was paid to write this dossier by Hillary. They do not include in their application the political nature of this dossier. They pass it off as legitimate intel, not as opposition research.

Now, we all knew that. But in addition to the FISA application containing the Steele dossier, they backed it up with a Yahoo News story! The Yahoo News story was written by Isikoff after talking to the author of the dossier! So we have a circular route here. Steele writes the dossier and then calls Isikoff, Yahoo News, and reports to him what’s in the dossier. Then Yahoo prints its story, the FBI gets that story and acts as though it’s independent confirmation of the dossier, when in fact it’s nothing more than Isikoff reprinting what Steele told him.


The (mostly) unredacted Grassley/Graham referral is more damning of the DOJ than the Nunes memo

R Mall

Via DLH:

This one would take way too much energy for too little return to tear apart. Kristof has the “goods” on Trump; Kristof cites every goofy “disclosure” he’s heard.  Worth noting that this is stuff that gullible liberals and staunch Democrat voters think is real:

Proving once again that P T Barnum had it right except he didn’t name specifically whom he was referring to…”There’s a sucker (Democrat voter) born every minute”!

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