Plant disinformation, let out smoke screen, muddy the water, confuse the issue . . .

  • You know the drill
  • Accept the story or not , we don’t, but using any pretext to invade citizen privacy is unacceptable

I have seen this NY Times story cheered by Wilcow (of the “Willow Majority”, a conservative Sirius Patriot talk show on Fox) for the newspaper being willing to print a story about US spies being duped, as they try to get smear information on Trump.

I expect the story will get wide coverage over the weekend (after the entire media finishes their breathless reports about Kelly being fired and Hope Hicks dating the wifebeater Rob Porter).

But if one takes the herculean patience to read the story, it’s not what many on the right interpret it to be.

It actually has nothing to do with the national security agencies attempting to buy smear information on Trump from the Russians.

Instead it labors mightily to portray heroic efforts by our spies to retrieve information about our surveillance secrets, stolen by Russians.

As the story unfolds, the “Russian” not only offered “vital information” about our stolen secrets, but also was pushing alleged video and other material about Trump , prostitutes, etc….all for the bargain basement price of $1 mil.

The Times reports that the honorable US spies walked away from the deal, leaving behind their $100,000 down payment for the “vital information” they thought they would get. The Times suggests that our folks were certainly not going to get entangled in the seamy business of trying to compromise Mr. Trump.

The “Good Guys” …the Obama national security team… are, thus, once again celebrated by the Times!

See. They would never try to undermine a presidential candidate or a president and his administration.

Let’s all ‘Clap for Clapper’ and thank the Lord for Brennan!        DLH

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