Caligiuri primary write-in?

  • Looks like Ginny Caligiuri will run as write-in for Republican nomination
  • But not in the general as such if she loses nomination

Earlier this week we wrote of the disheartening turn of events regarding the Republican primary in Iowa’s 2nd CD.  The seat is now held by liberal Democrat David Loebsack who is running again. Christopher Peters had announced many months ago, after losing to Loebsack in November 2016. Incredibly he is a neverTrumper running as a Republican in a district that went for Trump. The neverTrumper thing is of course amenable to Loebsack.

So as we wondered in that previous post —    Evangelical SoCons not keeping eye on ball    where does Chris Peters get his base of support – not Democrats, not Trump voters?  It is a pretty narrow band that is enthusiastic about him and it is insufficient to win. Peters will have to call on Anybody but Loebsack but it will have as much likelihood as neverTrump.

We welcomed and thought Ginny Caligiuri entrance into the primary battle was a godsend but without the literal meaning evangelicals seem to put in such things. As it turned out they operated with her as if the nuances of such are that God will ensure her nomination papers are signed.

Our post also chastised the political ineptitude of evangelical Christians of late. In no way wise (including as serpents) have they been led or focused this year by Bob Vander Plaats and company. They have a chance to make some amends in her case through aggressive support of her write-in campaign.  They could cause her to prevail in a primary and infuse a general election campaign with better chances than Peters, given his bone-headed isolation. But then again Vander Plaats manages to isolate himself as holier than though.

From Ginny Caligiuri campaign website:

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: GINNY IS RUNNING! Although there are several options available to this campaign following the three person panel’s decision regarding Ginny’s candidacy on Tuesday, we have decided that regardless of which option we choose, GINNY CALIGIURI IS STILL RUNNING FOR CONGRESS IN IOWA’S 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT!!

So remember how to spell her name: G I N N Y C A L I G I U R I , and we will see YOU on our 24 County Listening Tour as it continues through Cedar, Clinton, Louisa, Keokuk and Scott, Muscatine, and Henry Counties in the next two weeks!

Ed Tibbitts at the QC Times wrote this Caligiuri vows to stay in the 2nd congressional race

Shawn Zierke, Caligiuri’s campaign manager, would not outline the options they’re considering but raised the prospect of a write-in candidacy. She said Caligiuri, a business woman from Osceola, would not run an independent candidacy in the fall.

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