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We don’t “do” religion as religion here very much.  There are a great number of small and large blogs that do it very well and we are happy for that and unqualified regardless.  We do comment on religious leaders who appropriately or inappropriately comment on matters of socioeconomic policy, when they are wrong and when they are right, and even question their claim to certain moorings in doing so.  But we found these two articles of faith at Townhall to be particularly interesting and we commend them to you as our Easter observance.

Christianity is True Even If Some of the Bible Isn’t 

Anyone passionate about the fundamental nature and truth of the Bible should not be put off by the title. Read its entirety.  The Bible is a gift of the grace of God, but that Christ existed/exists and was risen is the fundamental truth and the point of the article. As for our interpretation of the article, the Resurrection texts can be reconciled as facets or, in a manner of  speaking, that the exceptions prove the rule.

‘He Is Risen!’ – Physical Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection? 

The Shroud of Turin, corroborating evidence, so-to-speak. Exploring the Shroud’s Top 5 Mysteries Myra Adams organizes the instructive article this way:

Mystery #1: The Shroud photographs as a photo-negative image.

Mystery #2: “The Shroud is not the product of an artist.”

Mystery #3: How was the image formed?

Mystery #4: The Shroud is encoded with 3D distance information.

Mystery #5: Shroud image is uniform in intensity across both frontal and dorsal images.

Fascinating reading. We note from her article that developments in antiquity dating processes now can place the Shroud at the time of Christ

Happy Easter

R Mall

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