Leninesque – It’s actually a word.

March 20th, under the guise of memorializing lost souls and promoting safety, select parents, teachers, and administrators facilitated school walkouts. March 24th, adults and students attended nationally sponsored “March For Our Lives” (MFOL) rallies. Media fostered the narrative that these events were student-led/organized.

That didn’t strike me as true. The chartered buses, venue reservations, and parade permits were arranged and financed by adult-led organizations holding anti-gun views. I pondered, “Where’d the money come from? Who set up the nation-wide Facebook templates? Why hide the adult involvement? Are the children just props?”

The Washington, D.C. (MFOL) rally was promoted as a spontaneous, non-partisan movement of students concerned about school safety. That illusion was soon dispelled as inspiring eulogies devolved into anti-gun, anti-NRA and anti-Republican screeds.

That said, our First Amendment guarantees their Right to organize, rally and speak. It’s also the Press’ Right to be deceitful.

While watching those events, the obscure, Leninesque phrase, “Useful Idiots” popped into my mind. Defined in Wikipedia: “Useful Idiots” is a derogatory term for persons perceived as propagandists for a cause, the goals of which they’re not fully aware; who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.”

Thankfully, there’s nobody like that in this “student-led” movement. Nobody with an agenda. No propagandists; no attention Hoggs; no opportunistic advocacy groups; no “Big Money” influence. Just idealistic kids whose opinions and recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of world history, existing firearms regulations, and our Constitution.

My faith in mankind has been restored.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr. Moline

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