Who’da thought?

“Trump Cuts Face Some GOP Doubt”

You recall that “Recission” strategy we reported on yesterday (Apr 10)? We noted that it was a “nice idea” and “achievable”…theoretically.

But, of course, in our usual rather ‘skeptical’ tone, we opined that it would probably go nowhere, given it would require strong leadership in the Senate, and a GOP caucus comprised of ALL honest politicians (yes, we know the ‘laugh line’ effect of that oxymoron). We even suggested that, sadly, the current GOP senate caucus has neither.

But many optimists among the ranks of conservatives restrained from expressing giddiness at the prospect this strategy would bring to first steps toward restoring, or should we say achieving, fiscal responsibility on the part of Congress. They were, though, holding their breath that it could actually happen.

But alas, friends, the apprehensions we revealed and shared no doubt by many other realist conservatives has once again appear to have proven to be, well, realistic.

“A handful of Republican senators have expressed concerns over President Trump’s efforts to roll back some of the $1.3 trillion spending bill signed into law last month”, the Wall Street Journal reported today over the headline above.

Only two Republican senators apparently not in favor are identified in the story…but, guess who?

“It is counter to the agreement that both houses and both parties, and the administration reached”, said Sen. Susan Collins (R.,Maine)…”

No kidding! Who’da thought?! (The other senator quoted is Lamar Alexander (TN). He’s usually the one who someone from the Democratic caucus nudges to awaken when his dissent from a conservative initiative is needed.)

Oh well. If we would just give Mitch a super, super majority stuff like this could get done. But, until, what’s a majority leader to do? (Here’s a thought, Mitch. Ask Harry Reid.) DLH

Who’da thought?


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