Punks, bottom to top

Here we have “three men”, “rowdy party attendees”, “one attacker”, “who had help”.  Police are asking for your help but think no further description is necessary?

He asked them to leave a pool party. They responded with a brutal beating.

But the biggest takeaway from this , per the Miami Herald, is…the ‘guard’ who was brutally beaten (again, by those “rowdy party attendees”) “was not authorized to be patrolling the area”, “policed said”.

Presumably then, it was his own damn fault…for hassling those “rowdy party attendees”.


Still more, reflecting what “Democultur” has wrought 

Stunning! Attorney Argues It was Fault of Trump Supporters That They Were Beaten, Cold-Cocked, Egged, Bloodied After San Jose Rally

Washington Post said she “taunted” them — by wearing a Trump shirt, smiling, and flashing the peace sign!)

Of all the nerve. Taunting people by wearing a Trump shirt and flashing the peace sign. Why it’s a wonder she wasn’t arrested and jailed.      DK

And at the top of the food chain:

 McCabe Report Finds Obama’s FBI and DOJ: Corrupt, Dishonest, Coordinated and Conspiring

How dare anyone say bad things about the skinny black kid who’s trying to ruin America (with the help of Soros and Clinton         DK

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