District Republican conventions this Saturday

  • McNulty for a State Central Committee position

There are ten or more people running for state central committee positions from the Second District.  To say it is highly contested is an understatement. Reading the bios in the official District newsletter/ proposed platform we note the tendency to concentrate on history of involvement credentials rather than any specifications as to policy directing the state party.

Oh there is the mandatory “protect the first in the nation status”  but of late that seems to mean roll over and do whatever the current RNC says, which currently involves Iowa taking the grassroots out of the selection of Republican National Convention delegation by turning it over to manipulations carried out by the state central committee. That is an atrocity against the grassroots.  Any candidate against that would likely have our support. Instead we are left with little to go on as most of the candidates are longtime activists but do not offer any guidance on that important question.

The state and county parties have already minimized the operative distinctions of our presidential caucus system  to little more than an open primary system by anything goes ID arrangements, emphasizing expediting the presidential preference poll at the caucuses to make it a glorified primary, all at the expense of emphasizing party leadership and platform creation.  The later being too often limited (denigrated ) to pablum without specification, allowing evasiveness rather than accountability or guidance to elected Republicans. Scott County, having led the way with reducing grassroots concerns to ineffectual platitudes, has to its credit beefed-up its platform since the last go-around. However the trend at the various levels,with exceptions,  is to make conventions into sit down, shut up, listen to speeches “events.”

Platform formulation can be streamlined and disciplined without rubber-stamping platitudes. For many of us the ringing question is — why bother?  Of course that is what the manipulators want.  They do not care about the optics of anything as much as control.

The choice for us as regards RPI District representative comes down to who we know and have confidence in as to conservatism, credentials and the hope or presumption of openness to protect the grassroots nature of the caucus system. We support for one of the positions Jeanita McNulty who has done key organizational work in supporting the Trump agenda and we hope will keep the RNC delegation truly a grassroots selection process.

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