Speaker Ryan does something right . . .

  • Why he did not do it upon ascending to the Speakership is unanswered

Having witnessed Ryan’s MO over the years, we have no doubt this was building (see article below) and had little to do with any one thing, particularity the chaplain being “pro-gay”.  That probably extended his job. This priest chaplain was originally appointed by Boehner, and that says something about Boehner’s vetting.  The priest was no doubt a bold partisan hack in Roman collar and even Ryan got tired of it. We bet this priest allowed his comments to be associated with his position and be used in a partisan manner. From Lifesite News  (excerpt)

Paul Ryan boots pro-gay Jesuit as U.S. House chaplain 

WASHINGTON DC, April 27, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Capitol Hill is in an uproar over House Speaker Paul Ryan’s request for the resignation of Jesuit, pro-gay chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy as the official U.S. House of Representatives chaplain.

Conroy resigned yesterday after allegedly being given an ultimatum by Speaker Ryan. According to a report by The Hill, “Four different sources—two from each party—say Conroy was told that he must retire or that he would be dismissed.”

While those who serve as House Chaplain are expected to conduct themselves in a non-partisan manner, many sources are saying that Speaker Ryan wanted Rev. Conroy out because he had aligned himself with liberal Democrats.

Conroy said that Speaker Ryan had recently told him, “Padre, you just got to stay out of politics.”

In the wake of Conroy’s dismissal, NBC reports, “More than 70 Democratic lawmakers have signed a letter demanding answers from Speaker Paul Ryan about his decision to oust the chaplain of the House of Representatives.”

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