A real comic’s comic, she is

Has anybody ever heard of Michele Wolf?

She is alleged to be a “comedian”*. But then, Robert Mueller is alleged to be a man of great character.

For the hip, I guess, Michele Wolf is a comic’s comic. So much so that she was the headliner at this year’s White House Correspondents’ dinner.

Those of you with a strong stomach, enjoy extreme vulgarity, and being in the same room with someone you wouldn’t want to come within 100 yards of without a HazMat suit and 5 layers of rubber gloves, Michele Wolf’s your gal.

Her performance at the dinner Saturday night can be watched in its entirety on Youtube, and if you like that sort of viewing there’s maybe a market for films featuring excrement eating contests.

Ms. Wolf’s shtick was one of the unfunniest monologues in all of recorded comedic history. Her voice is so off-putting my chihuahua had to leave the room. Her material was not just vulgar, insulting, ugly, boring and…well, let’s just say it filled the bill for the swamp dwellers in DC and Hollywood.

As Drudge notes, Wolf talked about her p-ssy (a dreadful region of the planet that must be), she vulgarly attacked Sara Huckabee Sanders, made really hilarious abortion “jokes” and when the evening was over there had to be  general agreement that Kim Jong Un would have been a more warm, likable, entertaining host for the affair than Michele Wolf.

Oh well, enough, As they say, you hadda be there. NOT!!!        DLH

Here is the screeching of Ms Wolf as directed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

*we use comedian as opposed to comedienne for obvious reasons, . . . she’s no . . .

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4 Responses to A real comic’s comic, she is

  1. Fast Eddie from MI says:

    Karma is a wonderful thing. Someday when she least expects it Me-shill (Wolf) will get hit with severe and urgent diarrhea while sitting in a window seat in row 22 aboard a coast-to-coast flight on United Airlines on which all the senior flight attendants are white, 50-ish and Sarah Huckabee Sanders lookalikes.

  2. DLH says:

    A friend has suggested that the RNC distribute a copy of the YouTube video to every county central committee to offer to voters…Republicans, Democrats, Independents…the chance to see what garbage has now taken control of the Democratic party.
    Surely the SCRCC will jump right on that idea.

  3. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    She did more for “our” side than she could know.

  4. DLH says:

    By now, let us hope, Ms. Wolf has returned to her sty.

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