You can purge the QC Times if not the AP

  • Purge your subscription for their fomenting of hatred and fake news

Look at the title in this recent article in the QCTimes’ print edition. In reading it one finds that the fulminating headline is not ameliorated. Nowhere is it pointed out that actual Ohio (Supreme Court case at hand) residents (a mere 30 day requirement)  can easily check their registration status if it dawns on them that they have not voted in six years and perhaps may even be curious as to where to vote. If need be they can re-register, a very simple process.  No “want to be”  eligible voter  is actually purged as an eligible voter, only for the amount of time it takes them to re-register, which would take but a few minutes. What is “purged” (reduced) is the opportunity for fraudulent voting, as in the otherwise easy to perpetrate situations of someone knowing someone has left years ago, or not likely to vote, and using the opportunity to vote absentee using that person’s name. Anti – fraud is nit the only reason to purge lists of non-voters but serve as a more accurate fulfillment , cost saver and cross-check for other political and governmental purposes.  The Ohio process is entirely consistent with HAVA and protecting the integrity of the vote. Our bet is that provisional voting is also allowed generously.

*online articles found using on-line edition mode and not e-edition mode often vary from the print edition.

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