Defiant art

  • “Crossing the Swamp”
“Never give up. Never lower your light. 
Never stop till the swamp is dry.”
  • Also see below an artist unknown rendition* of Sara Huckabee Sanders (last picture)

Breitbart had an article about the “firestorm” on social media caused by a painting (first below) by artist Jon McNaughton.  We thought it was well done so we went to his website and looked at some of his other work and read a little further.

We note that the limited edition larger sizes (signed) of the “Crossing the Swamp ” picture are sold out already.  They would make great fund-raising or auction items for various supportive organizations.


Artist’s Painting of Trump ‘Crossing the Swamp’ Causes Social Media Firestorm  Breitbart (excerpts)

American artist Jon McNaughton released his latest painting Tuesday of President Trump and his crew crossing the Washington, DC, swamp, and it has caused a variety of reactions on social media.

American artist Jon McNaughton, who is no stranger to controversy, tweeted a photo of his painting titled Crossing the Swamp, with the caption, ”Never give up. Never lower your light. Never stop till the swamp is dry.”

McNaughton’s painting depicts Trump standing with a lamp at the boat’s helm in homage to President George Washington standing at the helm the famous 1851 Emanuel Leutze painting titled Washington Crossing the Delaware.

McNaughton’s work also features Vice President Mike Pence carrying the flag and National Security Advisor John Bolton carrying a rifle.

Other Trump staffers and cabinet members featured in the painting include:
Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson; White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders; U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley; first lady Melania Trump; Defense Secretary Jim Mattis; Secretary of State Pompeo; the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump; Chief of Staff John Kelly; and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.

The Utah-based artist describes the painting as Trump navigating the “murky water of the deep state” swamp to shine a light bearing “truth, hope, and prosperity.”

“Trump endeavors to cross the ‘swamp’ of Washington DC as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity. The murky water of the deep state is laced with dangerous vermin, perfectly willing to destroy American prosperity for their personal ideologies and financial gain,” McNaughton said of his latest painting on his website.

. . .

McNaughton, who is a proud Trump supporter, has other paintings featured on his website about the Trump administration, including one that depicted Trump holding a tattered American flag to his heart on a football field.  (V’pac note: see below)

The painting, titled Respect the Flag, references the controversy surrounding the decision of many NFL players and team managers to protest the national anthem. Artist unknown but thanks to HP for the forward of the following:



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