A Vox on Social Media

Here is a commentary produced by Vox that decries social media, implicating the business model of the prime movers that results in tribalization and polemics. Veritas has never pursued such platforms as Facebook or Twitter for a variety of reasons especially the belief that our format, less “needy” because it relies on personal volition for the most part for viewership, also  offers more space per topic for more cohesiveness as required or editorially desired. The Vox commentary makes some points that we think are valid criticisms of the model but the idea of them as arbiter of anything is a polemic of its own. Yes we can be polemic but we try to offer we think a little more right at hand to go with our opinions, at least a step up as bad or good as we are, than “social media.  We ask readers to show patience, and not rely on simple sloganeering as social media devolves to.

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