On Democrat claims about the latest FBI Kavanaugh investigations

Attack lines:

  • “The FBI didn’t even question Doctor Ford”
  • “The victims stories were corroborated”

White House Press Secretary Sanders had a succinct answer to the first matter (there are more reasons why it was inappropriate / not part of t of the mandate/and why Ford ought to feel lucky they did not pursue her, as yet).

Via Daily Caller:

“The whole world watched as Dr. Ford was interviewed for hours by the individuals that have to make the decision. That’s the senators themselves,” Sanders said. “They had ample opportunity to ask any question they wanted of Dr. Ford. And if they didn’t get enough, that was their own fault because they didn’t step up to the plate and ask the questions they needed answer to.”

Sanders continued, “The idea somehow that … the FBI needs to interview her again is ludicrous. They had an opportunity to do so. They should have taken it, and if they didn’t get to ask what they wanted, it’s their own mistake.

Daily Caller also did a fact check article as to what “corroboration” means or does not mean

FACT CHECK: Have Multiple Allegations Against Kavanaugh Been Corroborated?

Our summation is that hearsay should not be corroboration, contemporaneous or not, and in the matter of the three most celebrated accusers of Kavanaugh they offered no verifiable “corroboration” as to any “fact” putting Kavanaugh by name in any way near the scene of their allegations. The article, while useful, fails to mention that in the case of the Ramirez allegations and alleged corroboration (hearsay again) she had called around to Yale classmates probably to plant the seed of corroboration.

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