Children could die! Well, isn’t that the idea

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On the “Caravan” of “migrants”, “Somebody could die!”…

Well, isn’t that the idea?-

People smugglers, drug dealers, ‘MS13ers’, et al, are being joined by those “better-life-seeking” migrants (it appears most are young adult males) heading toward our southern border, dragging small children on a punishing march. The likelihood of clashes with lawful elements attempting to block the illegal invasion of sovereign borders will, inevitably, result in someone being killed. And, if it breaks the way media (perhaps unconsciously or unwittingly , grotesquely, and/or ignorantly) hopes, the victims will be innocent children which society’s more villainous leftists can successfully exploit for their evil schemes*.

Those “migrants” are obviously willing to expose their own young children to the dangers of their truly wacky ‘trek’. In any civil society, their actions would be regarded as “child abuse”.

What, indeed, is the sentiment of the Latino community, widely viewed as strongly family devoted, to this? Surely, they do not condone this form of blatant abuse and child endangerment!

* “…liberal news media wants to see…”. Let’s be clear. We do not suggest that members of the liberal news media want to see migrant children die so that the far left agenda can be advanced by blaming Trump and playing on the emotions of regular Americans.

We are, instead charging that, as Nancy Pelosi recently said, “there will be some ‘collateral damage’ as the result of her Democratic party’s agenda”. She was referring to the Democrats’ commitment to repeal the tax cuts which have already benefited many Americans by putting more money (“crumbs’ as Nancy prefers) in their pockets.

Children who might die in the “caravan invasion'” would also be “collateral damage” as a result of a whole array of things associated with this grossly and grisly ill-advised ‘march’ and they will be mourned as much by the media as by all other Americans.

The sad fact is, however, the media and Democrats, which have certainly not sought to discourage this, if only for humanitarian reasons, will also see such tragedies as an opportunity to blame conservatives, Republicans, and mostly, President Trump, and, thus advance the shared goal of open borders of the radical left.    DLH

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  1. If there’s no camels it’s not a “caravan”. Marauding horde…?

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