Updated voting guide – voting party in 2018

I am so tired of hearing conservative leaning Democrats and “independents” say “I vote for the person and not the party”

We must have a Republican US Congress and state legislature.  Only that presents the possibility of sustaining and enhancing what has been won.

In this 2018 general election the options are Republican or Democrat and there is no alternative to voting Republican, no matter how much you may personally like the personality or the niceness of the Democrat or his or her smile or family whatever or even how inconsistent the Republican is and the possibility of betrayal.  Consider those Republicans stains to be dealt with in the next primary. Democrats by their policies and machinery are effectively out to destroy your freedoms, our culture, and your chances to recover them. At every level of government this is true even if “your” Democrat participates as a useful idiot. Life and the Bill of Rights are all at stake.  A fuller exposition of the importance of platforms and voting in the general is set forth in our updated  entry on our page bar Parties/Candates and the Right to Life.  Please review it and pass it on to your conservative Democrat and independent friends and family.  Republicans need it as well.

Unfortunately perhaps, in Iowa the ability to vote straight party has been eliminated.  You must individually vote each race.  That makes the hold your nose and vote approach sometimes more odious, but so it goes.

Information as to judges will be in an upcoming post this week.

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  1. Leone says:

    Tom Miller running for re-election as State Attorney General has no Republican opponent. Vote for the Libertarian running against him.

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