A salute to the Democratic Judiciary

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A big “Thank You” note should be penned by the Democrat female senators  to voters who sent them back to Washington Tuesday (by significant margins*) to do more damage to the rule of law. If they were to write such a thank you note, it might go something like this:

“Dearest Voters, 

Thanks so much for your support and for your own expression of gratitude to each of us. Although we were unable to block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, we were able to wreak havoc on his reputation and to cast a shadow over any future decision of the Court in which he is in the majority.

We’ve also, as you know and obviously appreciate, given any future President Trump judicial nominees great pause to consider, before accepting, how much they value their families and their good name. 

And thanks also to those of you who helped us in our noble endeavor…Dr. Ford, Ms. Swetnick, Ms. Munroe-Leighton. (Special thanks to our dear friend and colleague, Michael Avenatti, Esq.) Your anonymous accusations may not have won this fight, but the lessons learned from your efforts will not go unrecognized and will guide us in our future strategies.

To those who will follow in  your brave footsteps, we say, build on those efforts. Continue to remain anonymous in your accusations as long as you can. Carefully construct those accusations.  When you are forced be identified, make sure you’ve chosen carefully the friends you will have to rely on to corroborate your stories.

Again, our thanks to all who helped us in the Kavanaugh fight and all of you who supported our efforts at the ballot box.

God bless the socialist movement,.

Sincerely, “Di-Fi” (Feinstein), Kirsten (Gillibrand), Amy ((Klobuchar), Mazie (Hirono)…and Kamala (“Don’t forget me in 2020”)

* Margin of victory: Feinstein, 54%; Gillibrand,67%; Klobuchar,60%; Hirono,71%


PS: The latest from Minnesotastan

Keith Ellison, 100 – “MeToo” movement, 0%

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