Random thoughts on election results

This report is Iowa oriented [looking forward to comments from Don on Kansas / Missouri and/or elsewhere and Gene on Illinois and/ or elsewhere :-)]   More in coming days.

Could have been worse could have been better locally state and nationally.

Locally, Dems swept most county offices other than Treasurer.   They won two of the three Supervisor slots although Republicans will have three of the five member board as there are staggered terms and one Republican Maxwell won.

Nationally bad news for the country (however expected) – Nancy Pelosi is Speaker-Apparent (not sure that helps them going into 2020). But now the media will breathlessly hype/ cover for/ expand on every utterance from Democrats including as regards impeachment.  They crave the theater and Democrats are lusting for blood and begin today to do their worst as regards Trump and the good of the country.

Republicans did well in the Senate retaining control and winning the most highly watched races — Missouri, Texas, Indiana.

Good news in the state is that Kim Reynolds won but how an ick like Fred Hubbell got as far as he did is beyond me but it will explain “why” incumbents Dave Young and Rod Blum went down.  With incumbent Loebsack winning easily, Iowa has gone from three Republican out of four in the US House to one out four with Steve King hanging on (spending comparatively little). 

However, Scott County voted Democrat for US Congress and statewide offices

The Repubs have held both chambers of the state legislature.  That is very good.

Three Democrat state leg candidates were unopposed in Scott County.  That is a travesty and adversely affected the results county wide, up and down race. Paustian ,Mohr and Smith  were opposed but won in basically Repubican districts.

Judges won handily as expected and will continue to under the present system, which for us is more a problem as to how they get their positions rather than that they survive retention, although that has to be worked on to insure knowledgeable voting.

As to the US Congress, we realize such matters are often “local” but Paul Ryan was no help when he was not a drag.

More later  — R Mall

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