Give us your predictions on the theme of Murphy Brown’s last 3 episodes

Real humor needs to have an ounce of truth in it, Murphy Brown fails


Surely it must be an episode ‘based on a true incident’…a tale ‘ripped from the headlines’!

We had hoped that the “Murphy Brown Reboot” was soon to be just a pathetic caricature of what real television entertainment used to be.

Apparently the deservedly low-rated “Murphy” intends to go out in a blaze of putrid liberal glory. Three more episodes apparently. Veritaspac is taking reader predictions on what these episodes will focus on. Some of ours:

1) Barron Trump will be arrested on sexual assault charges for attacking the four-year old daughter of a same-sex couple after hearing Dad’s ‘bedtime story’ about his first ‘date’ with ‘Stormy’.

2) Murphy will get a tip on where the soiled sheets from the Moscow Ritz-Carlton can be found, thus proving the principal allegation in the ‘dossier’; Murphy: “Biggest story since Monica’s “blue dress”.

3) Informant tells Murphy that Trump has weekly raucous movie-viewing parties at the White House with Cabinet members at which they drink Dom Perignon and view films of Border guards tear-gassing infants.                   DLH

Murphy Brown’ episode focuses on reporter assault at Trump rally 

Lynette Rice reporting 11/29/18

In its most direct commentary yet on the Trump administration and its ongoing war with the press, Thursday’s episode of Murphy Brown revolves around Frank Fontana taking a literal beating at a presidential rally.

After volunteering to cover the event because “I really miss being out in the field,” Frank (Joe Regalbuto) shows up at the Pennsylvania rally where “Trump” (yup, the show had someone impersonating the president) starts riffing on Murphy (Candice Bergen).

“Anybody catch old Murphy on TV this morning?” the fictitious Trump said. “Yes, she was at it again sitting there with her flunky friends, telling their big lies, planting their fake stories about our great country.”

Then he singles out Frank. “I hear old Murphy’s partner in crime, fibbing Frank Fontana is here tonight. Where is he? There he is. See him? That’s right. Let fibbin’ Frank know what you think of him. Maybe a good body slam. What do you say?”

Shortly thereafter, Brown learns from Miles that Frank was assaulted at the rally and airlifted to the hospital. When she sees her red-faced colleague in recovery, Murphy quips, “I guess when you major in journalism these days you have to minor in kickboxing.”

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4 Responses to Give us your predictions on the theme of Murphy Brown’s last 3 episodes

  1. Designated2 says:

    It would take some FX but they could do a scene where Murphy is at the bottom of clift having to dodge grannies being pushed over it by Trump.

  2. Murphy Brown, caught in a #metoo scandal gets fired. Broke, she’s forced to shoot a porn movie. Trump, attracted to porn stars, gives her a call. In a clandestine motel room, she lies naked and spread-eagled. Trump enters, and immediately is reminded of a raw, spatchcocked chicken. He pees on the sheets and leaves her unsatisfied. Fade to black.

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