George HW Bush R.I.P, but God save us from the peculiar family brand of graciousness

  • Not sure this is the presidential leadership legacy if not epitaph I would want (either President Bush):
  • “He was kind to the help and his enemies”
  • It is about all most of their enemies will admit to about them
  • One question for W, was Jesus so gracious to liars?

The reason we knock the idea about the ‘graciousness’ of the Bushes in life (of late) is the comfort from which they can be so “gracious”, as if the war is over, when their former compatriots are still on the battlefield and they, having left the field of battle with all manner of emoluments “moved on” and all that rot.  And the people they are gracious to are still trying to destroy ever more aggressively those still fighting the battle the Bush’s were supposedly engaged in.  Or maybe it WAS different battles?

Anyway was Jesus so gracious to liars?

Oh they hold a grudge, we just never see it exhibited toward Democrats, only Republicans who embarrass them, and maybe Saddam Hussein.

If the Bushes do not think of the left as at least very serious political enemies intent on killing our constitutional republic, then they were not very insightful or sincere in asking for support for their elections. Was it all a game to them, mere polo match, mere rivalry?  Deep down it appears more like they think it is all about them and what their besties think.

The left called the Bushes corporate toadies, selfish and corrupt takers of food from the poor, wanton killers, talked of impeachment, etc. etc. Donald Trump calls one of them sleepy and they got bent out of shape. Most of “their” people, those who brought them to the presidency and defended them against the attacks of the left (the Bushes sure as hell did not defend themselves well (and by implication their supporters) when they were not AWOL  — supported New York’s Donald Trump. Realizing his manner, his eloquence may be wanting on occasion (unlike the perfection the Texas/Connecticut Bushes achieved in communication and dependable statements like “no new taxes”) they supported him in the general election.  We knew what was at stake. The Bushes have not been very gracious towards Republican Trump voters.  It’s personal.

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3 Responses to George HW Bush R.I.P, but God save us from the peculiar family brand of graciousness

  1. You nailed it.
    “Bush lied, people died.” Don’t worry about it, it’s just politics.
    In the 2008 campaign, McCain was harder on GWB than he was on BHO. Just politics.
    For the first two years of his presidency, Obama blamed “W” for the worlds ills. Politics.
    “Jeb’s ‘Low Energy’…” How could anyone say such an unforgivable thing?

  2. DLH says:

    One cannot deny, and must honor GHW Bush’s impressive resume, nor for his dedication and service to the nation through his military service, and in various capacities in civilian positions.
    But among his many talents and accomplishments, a reputation for graciousness, character, and kindness served him well throughout his life.
    To me, however, it is a pity that late in his life, much of that reputation was tarnished by his associations (with the Clintons especially) and a pettiness which was stark when compared with all of his personal qualities he has been known for.
    I was profoundly disappointed in the man as patriarch of a family which turned out to be something different than I had supported through much of their careers.
    Most of all, GHWB was the first former president I am aware of, certainly in modern times, to publicly announce he did not vote for the presidential candidate of his own political party, and, in effect, thus denounced many of the very same voters who had supported him, his son, and the current president.
    Nevertheless, RIP Mr. President.

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