Dick’s and Potty Mouth and Death to Republicans

From our schadenfreude file:

Gun Sales So Low At Dick’s They May Yank All Hunting Gear

On the upside — figure skating and yoga tog sales are holding their own

And then there is Queen Moochelle, and another “class” performance by her

Report not image via The Daily Mail

Former First Lady Michelle Obama caused a stir during her arena book tour on Saturday when she said that marriage inequality can’t be solved by women ‘leaning in’ because ‘that s*** doesn’t work all the time.’

Obama made the comment during her appearance Saturday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where a large crowd of thousands came to see her promotional appearance for her memoir, Becoming.
The former First Lady was commenting about whether women can experience equality in both their marriage and the workplace – ‘that whole “so you can have it all”’, as she referred to it.
‘Nope, not at the same time,’ Obama said

Then there are the MO wannabes in the Illinois state legislature and Congress issuing death wishes to Republicans and their families, biological and nuclear warfare at that. And Democrats condemn Republicans for supporting gun rights for home and personal protection.

By the way Ms Honorable Kifowit the word is “unabashed” Story including about calls for her resignation here . I say let her stay, she’ll be fun to watch.

Others of the Democrat Schutzstaffel are more nuke oriented as their weapon of choice against Republicans.

R Mall and DLH

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One Response to Dick’s and Potty Mouth and Death to Republicans

  1. I’m not easily outraged. Sh^t, or Sh^thole, I’ve said worse.

    Dick’s should have taken note of what happened to Smith & Wesson when they broke ranks and colluded w/ Bill Clinton in 2000. They nearly went bankrupt. I didn’t purchase another S&W for 15 years.
    History repeats itself.

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