Trump’s troop visit: Fox Radio as bad as CNN and Newsweek

There I was, driving along the highways and byways and listening to Rush Limbaugh — getting my marching orders for the day — as we are obliged to do — when during the first news break at the half-hour I was initially delighted to hear a report on the Trumps’ surprise (to the troops) Christmas time visit to Iraq. The station I was listening to uses Fox Radio as their news affiliate. I believe the anchor was the usual Jane Metzler.

I am of the opinion FOX RADIO is largely just another drive-by media source, taking its cues from the pack, what their colleagues in the rest of the drive-by media say is significant news. There is no “fair” or balance to not doing some initial investigation on your own even if it means waiting a bit to report some “scandal” Fair would be reporting news of substance and balance would be reporting the other side or both views.

As regards Trump visit with troops in Iraq, what did they report? Well at least half of the brief item segment was to broadcast accusations without rebuttal that Trump or troops in uniform were in violation of law to present to Trump for his autograph mementos in their possession. Specifically Make America Great Again “MAGA” hats they held out to him but did not wear. The hat slogan was used in Trump’s presidential campaign. The other accusation FOX RADIO felt obligated to parrot as part of the segment was that Trump hazarded special operations troops by publishing on Twitter a picture of he and Melania visiting and posing with them.

As to the first one how can Fox News editors be so picayune looking for a counter “balance” to a positive report to offer something without substance as that counter? They reported it as an accusation — but are all accusations newsworthy? That they took no time to research the circumstances, whether it was really “illegal” – is just being part of liberal pack journalism. No different.

Further, how can Fox Radio News editors be so oblivious to the fact that identifiable pictures of special ops troops are published frequently under official auspices, and that their television counterpart no doubt has done so?

Here are some links with substantive information about the matters. Would that FOX Radio make a better attempt at not being just another element of the liberal dominated drive-by media . . .to actually be better at fair and balanced . . . and a reporter of information that actually helps us “decide.”

About the MAGA hats: Really pathetic to initiate the story (or even give it the time of day (FOX RADIO)

CNN Tattles On Troops For Holding MAGA Hats During Trump’s Iraq Visit

Especially when they are wrong about the matter being a violation as it occurred.

And, while regrettably titled, this Townhall article actually provides definitive rebuttal to the idea from the ill-informed “officers” that Trump did anything wrong as regards the matter of special ops photos:

Retired Navy Officers: Trump Put Troops in Danger

R Mall

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  1. Outside of some conservative commentators Fox is fast becoming just another liberal media outlet. We need a real, true conservative network. I hope Sinclair manages to put one together.

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