DEMS CHEER: “Boehner’s back for the GOP!” We own Washington!

From the media attention given Pelosi and their agenda one might think so and they might be right. Some Republicans ask so what’s the big deal? How much damage can Pelosi and the Dems do?

Remember when we were told that we shouldn’t expect to get much done back when the GOP won the House?

We were admonished that the House is only one half of one-third of the three branches of government. And sure enough, Boehner and the GOP didn’t get much done. Obama et al ignored them.

When 1/2 of 1/3 becomes the whole

Pelosi poised to become House speaker, making history
In previewing Democratic priorities, she talks about lowering health care costs, investing in green infrastructure and “restoring integrity” to government.”

So about the first thing they try to do is introduce a bill that includes more funding for the largest abortion syndicate in the country. (graphic thanks to Stilton’s Place)

And remembering this classic from David French, at National Review, about Republican weakness:

It’s High Time ‘Pro-Life’ Republicans in Congress Actually Did Something”
July 29, 2015 :

“Since 2010, we’ve heard Republicans lament that they can’t accomplish much while holding only “one-half of one-third” of the government. Now they control one-third, and had Republican presidents been as competent at appointing judges as their Democratic counterparts, conservatives would control two-thirds. I get the distinct feeling that if a Republican president prevails in 2016, the line will be: “We can’t accomplish anything substantial for life until we control all three branches and have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.” Gain the filibuster-proof majority, and they’ll still capitulate in the face of a strongly-worded press release from”

And, then, there’s this — The GOP Establishment’s War with its Base By Sally Zelikovsky at American Thinker:

“Do not attempt to justify this neglect by claiming Republicans only had one-half of one-third of the power in Washington, or don’t have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate or enough votes to override a presidential veto, or, because Obama is in the White House.” . . .

Contrast this with today’s attitudes by the Democratic House majority. Every thing I read suggests that, with “control of one half of one third of our government”, Nancy is going to run everything in Washington for the next two years! DLH

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