It’s ‘not a national security risk’ so Grassley should do the right thing – blow the whistle on the deep state

The ‘stuff’ of Hannity?

John Solomon is a reporter for “The Hill’. He often appears on the Sean Hannity show on Fox. That is probably the main reason that much of Solomon’s factual and important reporting often goes unknown to ‘other’ media, including public broadcasting, virtually all mainstream broadcasting and the liberal newspapers.

This story would be a be a “bombshell” report if the information were not so positive for Trump, GOP, and the administration…and so, rightfully, devastating for the grimly laughable Mueller “investigation”.

One of the central characters in this very revealing story is Iowa’s own Senator Chuck Grassley. But once again, the information, of such vital importance to the perceptions of the American people is being withheld by the usual “deep state” figures, for the usual “national security” reasons.

Although Grassley has been informed on what Solomon is reporting, he cannot reveal it to the American people!?


Exculpatory Russia evidence about Flynn that US intel kept secret

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