Now if Trump only had a loyal GOP establishment to work with

But they’d rather be thought of as ‘stupid’ than what they really are

COWARDLY AND NAIVE (Nicest word we could think of to somehow describe bold treachery or abject stupidity); THAT’S GOP LEADERSHIP !

“Many Senate Republicans are concerned about the precedent that declaring a ‘national emergency’ to ‘build the wall’ could set, enabling a future Democratic president to address a liberal priority such as combating climate change.” (WSJ, 2/6/19)

We believe, even though the GOP establishment has surrendered on principled matters supported by American voters on numerous issues in the past, it is not possible that they are this stupid!

We suggest, however, that there are many Republican House and Senate members who prefer to be thought of as stupid rather than what they actually are, sellouts to their own gang of special interest supporters; but do they think that most Americans do not realize how glib and insulting this expressed “concern” is ?!

Do these politicians really believe that by NOT taking the action of declaring a national emergency to address a a proven voter/citizen national priority, today’s Democratic party and its leaders would, at some point in the future, say “Oh my! Though we now control the executive and legislative branches, we cannot declare a national emergency to establish mandatory actions, opposed by most Americans!

“The Republicans refused to do it to advance their priorities when they had the chance…the American people would not like us!!! And look at the precedent it would set!” ?

No informed, serious person believes that for a nano-second. One only need recall the various illegal, unConstitutional, underhanded actions of the ‘modern’ Democrat party leadership in the recent past:

– The “nuclear option”; Some Republicans wanted to abolish the Senate filibuster used most aggressively by Democrats to block presidential appointments of judges. But “cooler heads prevailed”… the notion was rejected because of the “precedent it would set, to be abused by some future Democrat-controlled Senate”. If you need to be told how that worked out, you are among the gravely uninformed who vote for Democrats.

– The DACA diktat; after acknowledging he did not have the Constitutional authority to do so, President Obama did so…”precedent and legality be damned”!

– Obamacare? Using various underhanded, questionably illegal tactics, this first step to imposing socialized medicine was put into law, by Democrats exclusively! Did you ever hear a Democrat say anything like Senator John Thune (R., SD) was quoted as muttering Tuesday: “…the precedent it creates for a future president to find lots of reasons to declare an emergency, the questions about separation of power and checks and balances, and everything else…”.


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