The strongest SOTU speech in my memory

His is a great record. Trump’s speech defended life, the nations interests, the economy and welcomed legal immigrants.

Trump took it to the Dems  —  made them squirm and smirk and showed them for who they are as they disgracefully sat on their hands through much of the story of America’s resurgence.

He had an appropriate suite of guests to “flesh out” many of his points, including two with regards to prison reform.

Two “visuals” we would have loved to add to the speech as show and tell  expose:

A quick slide or picture held up to show the Dems standing ovation for Bill Clinton’s stop illegal immigration segments in some of his SOTU addresses.

Having Souix City Iowa’s Melissa Ohden in the guest box, or  Gianna Jessen or Jill Stanek  or better all three of them and introducing them as he addressed the matter of late-term abortion and New York’s 4th trimester abortion infanticide law (and the Democrat Virginia governor’s support for same).       R Mall

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  1. Gus says:

    Fox News’ Juan Williams described the SOTU as “hum drum” (Surprised me; Juan continues to tenaciously ‘earn his money’, acting the complete fool on Fox. Too bad! He once was respected and trusted)

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